FIBO is available in a number of RDF formats. These are available for offline use (i.e., download all of FIBO as a zip), or online use. Each FIBO ontology file is available for follow your nose treatment, a general description of which is available here.

Each FIBO product is published in two releases:

  • FIBO Production is published at the end of each calendar quarter and has been vetted by SMEs and passed standard industry hygiene tests for OWL.
  • FIBO Development is published in real time as changes are incorporated by the FIBO Leadership Team and consists of draft as well vetted content.

Serializations of FIBO OWL

FIBO (Production) (zip)prod.rdf.zipprod.ttl.zipprod.jsonld.zipprod.fibo.nq (
FIBO (Development) (zip)dev.rdf.zipdev.ttl.zipdev.jsonld.zipdev.fibo.nq (
FIBO (Production) (follow-your-nose starting point)AboutFIBOProd.rdfAboutFIBOProd.ttlAboutFIBOProd.jsonldN/A
FIBO (Development) (follow your nose starting point)AboutFIBODev.rdfAboutFIBODev.ttlAboutFIBODev.jsonldN/A
FIBO (Production) (Quickstart)coming soonprod.fibo-quickstart.ttlcoming soonprod.fibo-quickstart.nt(
FIBO (Development) (Quickstart)coming soondev.fibo-quickstart.ttlcoming soondev.fibo-quickstart.nt(