This page allows you to navigate the tree structure of FIBO's Domains and Modules and drill down into the individual ontologies.
If you hover the mouse over any item you’ll see its description.
For ontologies (the bottom level) it will tell you the status (either Production or Development) and clicking on one will take you to the web document for that ontology. These documents are automatically generated for each ontology using WIzard for DOCumenting Ontologies (WIDOCO) software, which includes a graphical visualization of the ontology and related elements in a force-directed graph layout using Visual Notation for OWL Ontologies (VOWL).

Note: it has not been possible to generate WIDOCO documents for all the Development ontologies in FIBO (there are currently about 100 missing). Clicking on those ontologies will give you an error page. The FIBO team is working to avoid creating a link in such cases.