EDM Council FIBO Glossary

Generated from the OWL, the FIBO glossary is a list of classes and properties defined in FIBO, including their logical definition, curated natural language definition and synonyms where available. As with all of FIBO, there is a Production version of the Glossary, which includes definitions of terms that have been vetted by the FIBO content teams, as well as a Development version, which includes terms that are currently being developed.

There are four ways to work with the FIBO Glossary.
  1. Web Searchable
  2. Downloadable as a .csv for working in a spreadsheet
  3. Downloadable as a .xlsx for working in a spreadsheet
  4. Downloadable as RDF annotations for use with FIBO itself
The glossary incudes human-readable versions of the logical relationships in FIBO that are represented in OWL. These definitions are available on their own as annotations on the FIBO classes in rdf-xml and ttl formats.

Web Searchable

A user-friendly web page that includes label, curated definition, synonyms (where available) and model-generated definitions for all classes and properties in FIBO.


Comma Separated Values format

A comma-separated file with the same information as the web page; label, curated defintion, synonyms and model-generated defintion. For use in spreadsheets, including Excel.

Excel format

A file that can be read with Microsoft Excel, containing label, curated definition, synonyms, model-generated definition, examples and explanatory notes (when available). Exclusively for use with Excel, this file includes formatting to make the spreadsheet easier to read.


glossary example

Downloadable RDF Annotations

For application developer who want to be able to query for the human-readable versions of the FIBO logic, that is avaiable in ttl and RDF/XML formats. Release Notes:
  • 2018 Q3
    • Publication of human-readable logic in RDF
  • 2018 Q1
    • Improved spreadsheet generation
    • Added fields to the tabular glossary
  • 2017 Q4
    • Overhaul of the glossary generation system to keep glossaries in sync with all versions of FIBO
    • Updated the Excel format to freeze the title row
    • Improved natural language rendition of model-driven definitions
  • 2017 Q3
    • Initial release