FIBO Products

FIBO is intended for a range of uses, including in its simplest form as an English language glossary or a bank or regulator's data dictionary. In its most complex form, FIBO in its native Web Ontology Language (OWL), could be used as a bank's operational ontology. There are also external uses of FIBO such as which use FIBO as a reference for search indexing of specific information on the Internet.


Although, FIBO can be seen as a "product family", it is primally an OWL ontology. FIBO OWL, both in its Production and Development versions, are avaliable here. The FIBO OWL is best viewed using a dedicated ontology tools.

FIBO derived products

FIBO is also available as the derived products. All FIBO products are generated or derived with an automated process from the FIBO OWL. Thus all changes in in the FIBO OWL will be reflected in all other products. We are making all of FIBO available now because we have already seen amazing work done with FIBO and we welcome, almost demand, your feedback:

FIBO glossary Web searchable, downloadable in CSV and/or Excel Includes web-searchable people and machine generated definitions, and as a spreadsheet that may be downloaded and worked with offline
FIBO data dictionary data dictionary searchable from the Web and down loadable in csv or .xls A summary of each operational class in FIBO, with its properties, presented in the form of tables and fields for viewers familiar with relational data dictionaries.
FIBO vocabulary (SKOS) The FIBO Vocabulary in SKOS FIBO rendered using the W3C SKOS standard, using extensions to represent FIBO relationships.
FIBO extension to The FIBO files This page provides background information on the use of for marking up banks and their products.