EDM Council FIBO Glossary

Generated from the OWL, the FIBO glossary is a list of classes and properties defined in FIBO, including their logical definition, curated natural language definition and synonyms where available. As with all of FIBO, there is a Production version of the Glossary, which includes definitions of terms that have been vetted by the FIBO content teams, as well as a Development version, which includes terms that are currently being developed. There are 3 ways to work with the FIBO Glossary.

  1. Web Searchable
  2. Downloadable as a .csv for working in a spreadsheet
  3. Downloadable as a .xlsx for working in a spreadsheet

Web Searchable

A user-friendly web page that includes label, curated definition, synonyms (where available) and model-generated definitions for all classes and properties in FIBO.


Comma Separated Values format

A comma-separated file with the same information as the web page; label, curated defintion, synonyms and model-generated defintion. For use in spreadsheets, including Excel.

Excel format

A file that can be read with Microsoft Excel, containing label, curated definition, synonyms, model-generated definition, examples and explanatory notes (when available). Exclusively for use with Excel, this file includes formatting to make the spreadsheet easier to read.


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