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FIBO is being developed in a continuous process by FIBO Content Teams (FCT) within the FIBO Build-Test-Deploy-Maintain Methodology. All of FIBO is continuously published with the maturity level indicated as Development. This is all FIBO Domains. In addition, FIBO is published at the end of each calendar quarter in a maturity level indicated as Production. FIBO Production is FIBO Domains that have been substantially vetted and tested. This FIBO publication includes Production content in Foundations (FND), Financial Business Concepts (FBC), Indices and Indicators (IND), Business Entities (BE), Securities and Equities (SEC) and Loans (LOAN). All other content, including parts of these domains, in published FIBO Development are for information only, and should not be relied upon except as raw material. Please see Using FIBO for instructions on how to use FIBO. You may also want to look at the FIBO Primer for a layman's description of what FIBO is and how to use its content.

FIBO Domains in OWL are also available as OMG specs for FND, FBC, BE and IND.

Today, FIBO is available as the products below, with more soon to follow. All FIBO products are generated or derived from the W3C OWL System of Record. Be aware that flaws in the OWL will be reflected in all other products. We are making all of FIBO available now because we have already seen amazing work done with FIBO and we welcome, almost demand - your feedback. dwisnosky@edmcouncil.org.

glossary Web searchable, downloadable in csv and/or .xls Includes both people and machine generated definitions searchable, and as a spreadsheet that may be downloaded and worked with off line
data dictionary data dictionary searchable from the Web and down loadable in csv or .xls A summary of each operational class in FIBO, with its properties, presented in the form of tables and fields for viewers familiar with relational data dictionaries.
vocabulary The FIBO Vocabulary in SKOS The FIBO class hierarchy rendered as a broader/narrower terminology tree in SKOS.
smif Sample UML Diagrams of FIBO. The Semantic Modeling for Information Federation (SMIF) spec allows round tripping between UML and OWL
widoco The FIBO Ontologies VOWL Visualization Graphical depictions for elements of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) that are combined in a force-directed graph layout visualizing the ontology.
ontology The FIBO Ontologies These are all of the 30 FIBO Production and Development Domains and Modules developed by the FIBO Team for nearly a decade. They are in W3C OWL and can be opened with any RDF-compliant tool. FIBO is published in multiple RDF serializations, including RDF/XML, Turtle, JSON-LD and NQUADS. See the Supported Formats table below to access FIBO in these forms. To see individual FIBO ontology files, please see the FIBO Ontology File Directory/a>
linked data fragments The FIBO Linked Data Fragments FIBO Linked Data Fragments provides a dynamic query interface to the FIBO content.
schema.org The FIBO schema.org files fibo.schema.org


Please give us feedback. We want to know what you are doing (and what you seek to do) with FIBO. We want your rants, raves and suggestions. Access to https://spec.edmcouncil.org/fibo does not require registration, but we want to keep you and your teams informed on developments. Please fill the form below to let us know who you are and what you would like to do with fibo:

I want to contribute!

The development of FIBO is a community effort - we want to get as many well-informed modelers involved as we can. In the style of collaborative, open-source projects, FIBO collaboration is managed through GitHub. We have some tools and practices that you can follow to help your contributions work well with FIBO. For information on how to get them, please see the Developers' Guide.

All supported formats

FIBO (both Production and Development releases) and FIBO-V (Development only; Production coming soon) are available in a number of RDF formats. These are available for offline use (i.e., download all of FIBO as a zip), or online use (each FIBO ontology file available for follow-your-nose treatment).

FIBO (Production) (zip)prod.rdf.zipprod.ttl.zipprod.jsonld.zipprod.fibo.nq (prod.fibo.nq.zip)
FIBO (Development) (zip)dev.rdf.zipdev.ttl.zipdev.jsonld.zipdev.fibo.nq (dev.fibo.nq.zip)
FIBO (Production) (follow-your-nose starting point)AboutFIBOProd.rdfAboutFIBOProd.ttlAboutFIBOProd.jsonldN/A
FIBO (Development) (follow-your-nose starting point)AboutFIBODev.rdfAboutFIBODev.ttlAboutFIBODev.jsonldN/A
FIBO-V (Development)fibo-vD.rdf (zip)fibo-vD.ttl (zip)fibo-vD.jsonld (zip)N/A
FIBO-V (Production)fibo-vP.rdf (zip)fibo-vP.ttl (zip)fibo-vP.jsonld (zip)N/A