FIBO Community

FIBO Community is and has always been the most important pillar of FIBO. We should never forget that ontology - as defined by Nicola Guarino - is a formal specification of a shared conceptualization. Creating functional/good financial ontology always means finding consensus between parties that agree to share the way they see and talk about the financial domain.

About FIBO Community

FIBO evolved out of concerns that arose during the 2008 financial crisis among individuals who had been working together in data governance and management. The most pressing issue at the time was that they needed to have a shared, common vocabulary that they could use within their institutions.

After 11 years of FIBO development, the FIBO community has grown significantly. Currently, it has

FIBO community is part of a larger EDMC Open Knowledge Graph (OKG) community. The OKG community is organized as follows.

OKG Steering Committee

On the top of the OKG community, we've got OKG Steering Committee that is responsible for the strategic orientation of FIBO (and any other EDMC ontology) evolution. It is also responsible for reviewing and approving new releases.

The OKG Steering Committee is constituted by the representatives of the companies and the experienced senior experts interested in supporting the development of FIBO.

The OKG Steering Committee is chaired by John Bottega, who acts in this capacity on behalf of the EDMC.

OKG Interest Groups

Day-to-day ontology development is carried out by the OKG Interest Groups. The Interest Groups are always ontology-specific. Currently, we have got two EDMC Interest Groups: FIBO and AUTO. Each of them proposes, discusses, and prepares changes to their ontologies.

OKG Work Groups

Inside the FIBO and AUTO Interest Groups, we have smaller OKG Working Groups that focus on developing a chosen ontology part. In FIBO, the working groups are called FIBO Content Teams (FCTs). Currently, we have three active FCTs that focus on DER, SEC, and IND. Soon, we are planning to restart FIBO LOAN CT meetings.

The FIBO Working Groups are open to any interested individuals, groups, and organizations that have agreed to the Developer's Certificate of Origin 1.1 .

Every proposed FIBO extension should strictly follow the rigorous and well-defined rules and principles, including the principles of best practices for FIBO. FIBO project also adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

FIBO Community spaces

Since January 2020

  • the FIBO GitHub repository is the main FIBO development space and the space where all the official FIBO materials are located, and
  • the EDMConnect platform is an official discussion forum for the FIBO Community.