SMIF / UML Diagrams for "Production"

One of the wonderful features of Ontologies, as developed by EDMC for FIBO, is that an ontology will be both machine readable (OWL) and people readable (UML). For this to be truly practical, it is necessary to be able to round trip between the two representations of the same reality. The Semantic Modelling for Information Federation (SMIF) specification being developed by the OMG provides the design to do this. It is currently being implemented by No Magic in their product Cameo Concept Modeler (CCM). As this is a work in progress, this section of has a sample from FIBO Production. Defining diagrams for FIBO Foundations (FND) and FIBO Business Entities has been chosen as preview of this capability.

Ontologies are shown in bold, while classes are shown in italic. Only classes for which we have developed CCM diagrams are shown here. Single ontologies can be downloaded in any of three formats, rdf, turle and json-ld.